Sunday, April 13, 2014

Budapest - Bachelorette

I am ready for my Bachelorette party and so excited to go to Budapest! Here are a few snaps from the last couple of days. Since my exam on wednesday I have been so so busy. We choose a wedding cake (aaaah), went suit hunting for the hubby to be, did a lot of DIY's for the wedding, had dinner with friends, etc. 

My Instax mini I got from my boyfriend a couple of years ago.
I am still going strong with the bloggers go fit, of course with ups and downs. But I was passing some time before meeting with my professor so I decided to do some squats at school. Don't worry nobody was there as it was pretty late.

Asos dress and mango cardigan.

Suit hunting!
JCrew sweater, Abercrombie pants, Henri bendel shoes

Ready for the airplane!
Levis pants, zara sweater, Nordstrom shirt.

A little sneak peek at the DIY! 
and another sneak peek. I don't want to be giving away to much for the people who are invited but it is hard to not share everything as it is so so exciting.

I am super excited for my bachelorette and as always you can follow the events on my instagram.

Ps. If you have any good tips for Budapest please do share!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

10 things that make me happy!

There is this tag going around Instagram and I have been tagged a couple of times. That is why I thought why not make this a quick little blog post as I haven't had time to go outfit-shooting since I have an exam later this afternoon.

I am quite a positive person so that is why I thought this tag would be awesome.

  1. Love: In any shape or form. The love between friends, between family and between boyfriend and girlfriend. Just LOVE! Catching up with friends and family is my favorite thing to do!
  2. Travelling: It is my number one passion! I love fashion but I would be happy to live in a bikini or even sweats if I could travel the world. Wish list: Australia, Bali, South-Africa, Hawaii, Brasil,…
  3. Fashion: and the runner up is…… Fashion of course and with fashion goes shopping. I could literally shop till I drop!
  4. Sparkly things: I am not one to walk around dress in glitter head to toe or even wear shimmer all over my lids but I do like sparkly things. 
  5. The sun: Everyone is always a lot more relaxed and happy when the sun is shining. Too bad I live in Belgium where sun is not a daily thing. But he (the sun) has been good for the last couple of weeks! 
  6. Home decor: I love looking around online and in stores at home decor. I think I would love being an interior decorator not sure I would be any good at it but it makes me happy. I absolutely love mixing old and new items. 

7.      LA: I love Los Angeles and I am sure you are all sick of me talking about it right about now. Well get used to it as in only a couple of months I will be moving there. (Haha)
8.   Wedding stuff: I have a love hate relationship with wedding planning. it is so much fun but takes      so much time, everything costs so much and it just never stops. But it also makes me really happy to think about it! 
9.       Working out: Who would have thought? I used to hate working out. Running? who the hell  things it is a fun thing to do? Yes, running to catch a bus or the latest It-item but for sport? 
Well, I have changed my mind. Running is still not my favorite thing to do
 but Blogilates(Youtube) I love! 
10.      Meeting new people: I love meeting new people. Getting to know them and everything they have gone through. 

Tell me a few things that make you happy!

Thumbs up that my exam goes well please!



Monday, March 31, 2014

Neon Gap

I went on a little walk with my mom and boyfriend two weeks ago. Without knowing it I dressed in Gap from top to bottom! The sweater is not majorly flattering, I could hide and entire army under there but I love it anyways. The color is so bright and the fit is really comfy. I even matched my nail polish to my sweater! 

Shoes/ Pants/ Shirt/ Sweater: Gap 

The sun was bright bright bright!



Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Online shop obsession

If you follow me on instagram you might know that I love me some shopping. And in this day and age I love online shopping. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy my shopping cardio but online shopping can be done ANY time of the day.
So I thought I might tell you about a few of my favorite online shops.
I love Asos. They have everything you can possible imagine. Well pretty much!
There is super fast delivery and it is FREE. But do choose wisely because returning a package can cost you a lot of money (at least if you live in belgium! €15). I discovered this when buying the top right striped dress. It was too big so I had to return it but auch the costs hurt my wallet!

A few of my favorite things are: 

Another wonderful online shop. Delivery is free if you purchase for over €15. And let me tell you finding stuff to buy on here is really not hard at all! 
I actually just purchased a few products from Feel Unique which I will haul in the near future. (Need to find time!) 

A few of my wish list items:

I am always looking for new home decor items. And although this isn't really "home decor" it makes your room a lot cozier and makes me want to jump in bed every minute of the day!
I discovered this online shop that sells everything related to your bed and sleep comfort. 
I usually don't want to spend a lot of money on items for the bed but you have to remind yourself that you spend a lot of hours in your bed and treating yourself to some cosy duvet covers, cushions, etc is a must. Plus this webshop has a lot of affordable items!

This webshop is super easy to use. I love love love satin duvet covers. And usually I have to look through all the bed sheets and duvet covers and look at the description to find out if they are satin but on this webshop you can just pick the kind of sheets you want and they list you all the ones in the material you like! Awesome right! 

Plus I love colored bedsheets. They are usually plain white but I think a fun color just adds so much to your room and makes it so cozy!
As you can see they have a lot of very very cute flower duvet covers.

Decor heaven is a place on earth called Zara home.
I actually couldn't pick 4 items I love so I just wanted to give you a feel of the store, if you don't know it already! 

I get a lot of my wedding items from Etsy. You can find pretty much EVERYTHING on there! 
There are a lot of wedding DIY coming your way that will include items from Etsy. 

I have a thing for quotes in case you didn't notice!

I hope you liked this little online shop obsession with my favorite online shops and items!!

Have a great week!!



Monday, March 24, 2014

Skiny loves Brasil

I got the chance to discover the brand Skiny at an event last week. The scene was set perfectly: we got to dance some Samba in a Latino inspired restaurant and eat yummy food.
We got to put on some of the Skiny lounge wear, which was super gorgeous!
I own a lot of lounge wear that I wouldn't want to be seen in. I even am self conscience getting the mail in my sweats. But in the Skiny lounge wear I would even go to the store (and that is major for me).

My Chummy and I! 
Skiny has launched an amazing collection inspired by THE biggest event of 2014 the world cup in Brasil, well I am not a big football fan but I was a fan of this collection!
The collection has a few major colors, of course they are green, yellow and blue. There is this one bikini in yellow I love (see below) that would look great on a tanned body!
I love the campaign pictures, so much fun! Get's me in the "Brasil" mood.

I want this so badly for the boyfriend! This would look great for our honeymoon. 
I am also a huge huge fan of this "outfit".

Do you like this collection? 
Check out Skiny for more items and pictures.